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Remove jailbreak from the iPhone without affecting the existing apps

How to restore from a backup via iTunes after jailbreak remove

The method that we discussed below will remove jailbreak from your iPhone device without affecting your device’s existing apps, files or the contacts. This can makes it as an ideal option for all the users who may hold a large amount of data collection on their devices. Once it is installed, this tool may make it much more possible to get return as the current iOS firmware version to a stock iOS firmware by directly getting remove jailbreak from your iOS supporting device. All the photos, the videos, songs and anything else that you may keep on your iPhone device will be safe once you follow the below given steps procedure.

Restore backup after unjailbreak your device

  1. Launch latest iTunes installed and then connect the iPhone device to your computer.
  2. Once you get prompted, enable the backup and then get select your device in the latest iTunes installed from the menu on the left side of the device.
  3. Then click on Restore and then select the Backup.
  4. This  may will  may ensure that  all the latest  iTunes  installed  may will restores your device and as that all the backed data  may will available on your phone device, once the restore is get completed after the jailbreak remove process.

Learn more on jailbreak remove process

This method  of back up restoring after jailbreak remove process will eliminate all the data   collected to the jailbreak, including  all the tweaks and  also the apps  that are from  the sources like Cydia, but  as the phone device  will be restored with your regular apps, contacts, videos and many more. It is much simpler and very much secure as the way to get remove the jailbreak from your iPhone or iPad device. Please remember that all your added cydia tweaks and the settings which related to jailbreak will be lost forever after Cydia remove by jailbreak remove process. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us in Facebook or by twitter.


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